When they are gone, they're gone for the year!

All bulbs are well-labeled, packaged lovingly, and shipped directly to your door using USPS Priority Mail.
Ordering opens March 15, 2024.

Dahlias are here!! These are imports from Holland. If you are looking for US grown tubers, buy from farms at
Flat Shipping from northeast Missouri - only $7.97 for every order.

Flat Shipping USPS $7.97 for every package. I use primarily paper packaging where possible, hand label each tuber and bag each variety, and include the growing details that I made for you! You get the tracking number and notification the same day I ship your box, so you can plan to open it promptly.
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These are wholesale bulbs imported from Holland that want to grow in full sun. Every tuber shipped will have 1 or more visible eyes and often may be a clump of tubers. They are guaranteed (refund or replacement) to be true clones labeled correctly ("true to name"). In no way can we be held liable for any amount over the purchase price.