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Huge $7.97 Plant Sale!

459 Perennials and Shrubs must sell Friday, Saturday, Sundays

We have some really nice plants grown for you here in Scotland County.

Silver Dollar Hydrangea, huge panicle hydrangea bush with white flower clusters.
Silver Dollar Hydrangea, huge panicle hydrangea bush with white flower clusters.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Silver Dollar' $7.97. Look at those summer flowers!

Phantom Hydrangea, huge white flower clusters fading to pink
Phantom Hydrangea, huge white flower clusters fading to pink

Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom'.

The largest ever flower clusters have strong stems for cut flowers and will hide a 6' fence when grown as a hedge. Phantom is an unpatented sibling plant to patented Limelight Hydrangea but wasn't as widely marketed back in the 00s compared to Limelight. Pink tinge to the cream white flower clusters. $7.97 each.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' PP#12,874 $7.97.

Fades to a green tinge on the white flower panicles. These are the kinds of hydrangeas I grow in OKC because I don't have that much shade or patience for the pink/blue/purple Bigleaf Hydrangeas to get them to grow and bloom for me. If your hydrangeas have stopped blooming or changed color, you probably have Bigleafs. Panicle Hydrangeas love full sun and summer. Hardy zone 3-9.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Unique' $7.97.

The antiquey color of the faded blooms is part of why folks love the Paniculatas for dried flowers. They bloom on new wood, so it doesn't matter what time of year you are cutting on these type of Hydrangeas, they'll still pump out flowers that summer. This Unique variety has both sterile (large) and pollen blooms.

Make a plan to Get out here early in the day before the heat takes over.

Root Shrubs, 18804 County Road 651, Memphis, MO 63555.

I plant out groundcovers in the mulch bed for flowering shrubs.

Groundcovers all $7.97. Choose from:
Creeping phlox, Phlox subalata 'Emerald Blue', 'Ft. Hill'
Blue flowering Ajuga 'Black Scallop'
Mountain sedge, Carex appalachica
New Zealand orange sedge, Carex testacea
Purple wintercreeper, Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus'

But what about shade, like a lot of shade!

Hosta propagate by division and send out flowers when happy. They can be particular about moisture (yes) and sun (not) requirements but reward both novice and experienced plant parents with lush and full growth in the spring, flowering in the spring, and going dormant in the fall.
I especially like the look of Hosta 'Blue Cadet' heart shaped dusty blue leaves that are heat tolerant with light lavender star balloon flower scapes 2' foot tall.
Hosta 'Wide Brim' has outer yellow variegation fading to cream, a green and golden hosta that can take some sun. $7.97 each
You'll see a variety of hosta here including Halcyon, a thick blue-toned hosta.
Adding some hosta can help support honeybees as they start to flower in June through August.
Hosta Blue Cadet
Hosta Blue Cadet
Hosta Wide Brim
Hosta Wide Brim

Left to right: Blue Cadet, Halcyon, Wide Brim, all tough hostas for shady areas.

Not pictured: So Sweet, Trex, Big Daddy, Dream Queen

Blue flowering Ajuga

Summer fern-leaf bleeding hearts, Dicentra x 'Luxuriant' is a hybrid of two U.S. native species Appalachian Dicentra eximia and Pacific Dicentra formosa.

Western Arborvitae "tree of life" is soft and evergreen, part sun to full sun.

FAST growing tree to hide your view of neighbors !

Thuja 'Emerald' Green Western Arborvitae

Fast growing screening tree. Line the driveway, block the road, keep the dust and wind away, hide your obstructed view.

I notice when I post these trees, a lot of folks show me their tax-exempt card so I can take a picture for my records. These trees go fast at $7.97 each, that's a crazy bulk discount price for these fast growing trees. Emerald Green Arborvitae is evergreen and soft, and can grow 2'+ per year.

Is this list of plants getting too long?

Well I tell you what, I have more plants to write about in this ad that are looking their best today. So this ad is getting longer.

No fear because this ad will print out if you are old school like me or you can screenshot and circle what you want on the edit photo app.

Just use a bright color marker or pen color so I don't get all discombobulated finding the plants you want.

Seeds for fall just $2.97

You got me, every thing in the place isn't $7.97. I also have seed packets stuffed full.

Yes, we now have those seeds - hefty packets $2.97 each
These are the same varieties we plant in the front yard. Choose from:

Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower seeds 50 in a pack

Crackerjack Mix Cempusochil Tall Double Marigold seeds 100+

Polka Dot Mix Cornflower (pinks, blues, purples) seeds 400+

Baby's Breath seeds 100+

Zinnia California Giants 100 seeds

Echinacea purpurea Purple Perennial Coneflower 50 seeds

Honeybells Buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis

Five Reasons Why Buttonbush Is The Native Shrub To Plant:

You can plant it in a low place. or in standing water but doesn’t require that.

You can neglect it a bit even in drought.

You can plant it in clay.

If it gets bigger than you want you can limb it up into a small tree and plant under it.

The flowers are compound in a globe so boasts the most bee food per square inch.

They thicket.

$7.97 Each.

Stella D'Oro Gold Star Rounded Daylilies do well in sun, even the south side of the house, but have you tried them in part sun to part shade, too? Don't cut on these - each flower opens for only about a day, so there is frequently a new bloom every day for months. $7.97 each in #1 containers.

Daylilies are edible and carefree.

Buddleia has in its parentage the TCM plant known as "Orange Butterfly Bush." These modern cultivars only support pollinators as part of a balanced habitat including host milkweed.

Choose from: White Profusion, Black Knight, Pink Delight, Bicolor

Here's the part where I need to tell you we're not always open.
You need to make an appointment, message me on Facebook.
Huge $7.97 Plant Sale!
18804 CR 651, Memphis, MO 63555
This is a family business and playing with kids comes first. For real life!
10+ varieties of Dahlia flowering potatoes ready to transplant, plenty of leaves.

Choose from:
Cafe au Lait
Café au Lait Royal
Mango Madness
Totally Tangerine
Lavender Ruffles
Ferncliff Illusion
Pineland's Princess
Creve Coeur

BACK IN STOCK Purple leaf sand cherry, Prunus x cistena, hybrid between purple leaf plum and sand cherry.

SOLD OUT Japanese Red Maple seedlings, yes, $7.97 each!

I know it's ridiculous, you can point and laugh at me, but it's just easier for me to keep everything I can at $7.97. These can be installed in the landscape and watered in every month until they are 6' tall, which is probably in 2 years.

Just a few left of:
Snow Pavement pale 2'-3' Rose, $7.97
Dappled Willow Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' puts out light colored new growth $7.97
Nugget Ninebark, Physocarpus opulifolius compact variety with a chartruese leaf color $7.97

and more

Where is this place? It's a house, the backyard nursery. Put this into your maps: 18804 County Road 651, Memphis, MO 63555.

Root Shrubs, 18804 County Road 651, Memphis, MO 63555. Cash/card, we have guest wifi.


Send me an message on Facebook to schedule your time to buy plants.

Phone number?? Hey, no, I can't do phones when I'm working with plants, it's too busy or hot or wet. Please don't message me about plants. Is that crazy to say, well that's me, I like talking to people about plants in person. I know you can order everything on your fancy phone, but not these plants, they are here at the house. These plants are looking great and not picked over. What are you waiting for? Go get momma in the car because she's needing more perennials too and get over here while everything is $7.97 each: flowering perennials, shrubs, trees, and dahlias. Appointment required.