Bearded Iris - Iris germanica 'Royal Storm'

Iris can't be easier to plant. These have been growing in my backyard in OKC, no pesticides. I use them to cover areas that I don't want to edge or weed-whack. You can do that too, come on and get you some. Now these aren't the tiny one-color iris you might be used to seeing around. These are big, bearded iris that are deep purple and light lavender. A toddler called them "cupcake flowers" and they look delicious. When plants them, get the roots underground but the rhizome part just barely covered. They seriously do grow fine in backfill or clay here in central OK. Iris are equally lovely as a cut flower or a garden staple. Watch for the goofy bumble bees bumbling in and out of them :) They grow tall in the garden and are sturdy in our winds. You can expect them to multiply at a pleasant pace and divide them yearly if you want to spread them around. Come on and plant some different colored iris this year and you'll have an excellent stand of them next year. Picture taken by Karolyn Chowning in Oklahoma City, 2018



9/2/20211 min read

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