Lamb's Ear - Stachys byzantina

Beautiful silver-grey foliage all season. Spreads to form a dense mat and can be divided yearly. Sturdy flower stalks emerge which are very attractive to pollinators. Can compete with grass -- a workhorse for the home garden. Keeps its color year round in the foliage. Sometimes I think I can slowly replace my whole lawn with lamb's ear. The tall flowers dry well and have a texture like strawflower. Before they bloom, however, snip a few buds to include a beautiful textural element to your cut flower bouquets. Beautiful alongside garden favorites like peony, hydrangea, or viburnum. The full flower stalks echo liatris in a silvery pale lavender. A good companion for purple iris and white daffodils, as they bloom after. Cultivar 'Helen von Stein' Photo by Karolyn Chowning in Oklahoma City in 2017